If there is a such a startup dream in your heart?

  • Be my own boss,Their profits
  • The size of the world,Time to my family
  • Counter attack Grosvenor LTD handsome,Prick silk local tyrants
  • ……

But the dream is very beautiful,Reality is very skinny

Investment projects,Join the threshold is too highWhich is really good,Can't hit the old legNo experienceDifficult to operate,No good productSupport for less,Everything is equal to zero

No matter how grim reality,Someone will counter attack Grosvenor LTD handsome

The difference is that a wise manGood at to grasp the trend,To identify the real opportunity……

Large industrial scale 10Years history in the whole industry chain group
Lijiang organic ecological planting base,Seedling、Planting base of thousands of acres,Drive around4000Many household farmers employment。Investment3500All buildingGMPProduction workshop,In the industry take the lead in introducing a heavy metal detector,To ensure the quality of products。In kunming and lijiang nutrition market,The shop goods rate、Keep advancing perennial sales trend!
A strong partner Only with the education industry andreas
Be maca series products2400More than a heart hall retail chain pharmacy with suppliers。For industry inside and outside companies processing products and materials supply。
Strong research and development strength Breeding success“The purple one”
Company based on yunnan province academy of agricultural sciences power of science and technology,Breeding success“The purple one”The new varieties,Is China maca industry independent registered company。
High brand awareness All kinds of awards
Won the high and new technology enterprises in yunnan、Lijiang famous trademark、Credit enterprise in yunnan provinceAALevel、Lijiang municipal key industrialization operation of agriculture leading enterprises!

Product supportTo make the country and all the people can enjoy the high quality organic nutrition in yunnan,Choose yuengling biological30The balance pin itemOpen to join us,Strong-arm reaction the national market

Lijiang high plant preferred maca investment promotion to join

Lijiang high plant preferred maca investment promotion to join

Maca From lijiang altitude3000Meters above the mountains

To check the details》
High plant moringa national investment promotion

High plant moringa national investment promotion

High plant moringa

To check the details》
Green pine pollen—The national investment promotion to join us

Green pine pollen—The national investment promotion to join us

Green pine pollen The China of the dragon、Flower extract、The source of beauty,Come from the tengchong in yunnan province3000Meters above the mountains,The original ecological,No pollution,The wall at low temperature,It contains a variety of nutrients,Is called“The king of pollen”!

To check the details》

The channel supportNot only provide good products,More will be10Years of sales experience to give award,To help you quickly open the market,Goods get money easily

Super drug dealer:“By tapping the straight”Mode

3Months of coverage80%Pharmacy channels

Super drug dealer:“By tapping the straight”Mode
Keeping in good health massage:“Serial lock”Mode

Keeping in good health massage:“Serial lock”Mode

1Home health club can pin10Ten thousand yuan

ChaYan hotel:“The joint management body”Mode

To go through1House premises,To master10Group-buying customer resources

ChaYan hotel:“The joint management body”Mode
Distribution platform:For free

Distribution platform:For free

24Hours are rich

Comprehensive operation supportYuengling biological contract commitments:If the market cannot be started in half year,Yuengling biological repurchase of goods

Sales support
Free goods support develops the market
Travel support
Don't regularly present yunnan travel ticket,For agents to do activities at all levels
The exchange support
To return for free within a year
Door head support
Provide free model figure storefront fitment,Door head support costs
Advertising support
Manufacturer to support the local advertising
Marketing support
Headquarters to provide regular staff、Technical support,To assist the agent to hold competitions、The marketing meeting、Activities such as product presentation
Year-end rebates to support
To fully support the agent to do strongly does,Year-end more high rebates

More and more 》They all use very little investment to earn to great wealthThey are usedVery little investment to the vast wealth

Into the yuengling creatures
Lijiang yuengling biotechnology development co., LTD., established in2005Years,The company focus on lijiang maca、The lijiang pine pollen and so on domestic research and development of biological resources、Processing and sales。In line with"Relying on local advantages of resources,Development of advanced production technology,Strict management,The quality is supreme,Constant innovation"Business enterprise aim,Working to develop local health care products。In the company2009Years,To invest in yong Bei Town yongsheng county industrial park3500Ten thousand yuan...

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